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Multiple room bookings

Hi there, I frequently get booking request for multiple rooms, however can only book one room at a time through the GUI? Would there be a way to develop NUMBER of ROOM dropdown in the NEW booking screen? Thanks Jan

no PayPal

PPlease add PayPal as a payment method to the one page website. Stripe only supports very few countries. Thanks

API Code: 404

I tested several API get-requests and all of them returned 404. Even the most simple API get, which only requires the API key, returns 404. So I assume there is still some work to do to implement the API stack or I missed something. Happy to know when if it is solved or if there is a solution.

Localize Emails

Hello, is there any way to translate the emails templates to my local language?

NEEDED Two way - sync availability, rates & bookings

Hi, i need someone could write or connect our website to Nobeds.com with Two way sync sync availability, rates & bookings our website platform is using wordpress and wp-rentals plugin anyone can help or with price ? and how much thanks

Bugs & Issues

Please write us about problems you have and we will fix them as soon as possible