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Bug #9: Extra Rate - extra amount

We changed the Extra Amount on the "Extra Rate" page for booking.com. Unfortunately the extra amount is used as Total amount and not as additional amount. We wanted to add 20€ and instead our guests got the room for a total of 20€.

Improvement #12: Status Change Check-Out and No-Arrival

In the pop up menu to change the status from check-in to check-out you might touch by accident on the phone "no-arrival". This status is directly sent to booking.com and cannot be corrected anymore. Please make a space between the above status and the "dangerous" one.

Bug #8: Calculation of Total Sum

- Create a booking for 80€ including CityTax 5% and Vat 7% - Remove the City Tax - The sum is then 81€ which is not correct. Should stay on 80€.

Bug #7: Invoice

Invoices are not sent on the button "trial" (Versuchen in German), if, then with a large delay.

Bug #6: Invoice

pdf Invoice is not in language chosen by guest

Bug #5: Announcement for arrival

Announcement for arrival information is sent 48h instead of 24hs prior to arrival (sent at 12:00h) as written on eMail Settings page.

Bug #4: proforma invoice

How can the proforma invoice be sent to a guest? Status change does not trigger the sending.

Bug #3: System eMails

- Logo in approval email broken - Logo too large and not included in eMail text - Removal of upper part of approval eMail - Removal of booking number with link to nobed (guest has no login anyways)

Bug #2: Booking Calendar

- Booking by Check-In Date - Select Calendar two month ahead - Change status of one booking - Page reloads but previously chosen calendar dates are ignored

Bug #1: Number of Checkouts in Menu

Real Check-ins and Check-Outs do not match the number shown in the menu (Check-In's today).